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Magaguadavic - Index River of Wild and Farmed Salmon Interactions

Monitoring of wild and escaped farmed salmon in the Magaguadavic, the North American index river of interactions has now continued through almost an entire generation, since 1992. In 2011, 19 wild salmon returned, along with 17 aquaculture escapees. A chart of returns since the early 1990s shows the drastic decline in returns. Click here

Understanding the impact of escaping aquaculture salmon

Through the years there have been concerns about aquaculture escapees attempting to enter the Magaguadavic.. In 2010 there were several escapes, including 13,000 from cages near Deer Island, another 33,000 from a site east of Grand Manan, and later an escape of 138,000 more salmon at Grand Manan. These indicated problems cages had with weather and sea state.

Human malice can also impact wild salmon. In 2005 cages vandalized near Deer Island through summer and autumn led to the escape of approximately 146,000 farmed fish, with some entering the Magaguadavic River and other streams in the area in November.

In freshwater, there have also been issues of escaping fry and parr from hatcheries - and displacing wild Atlantic salmon. These may be a component in reducing adaptation to natural conditions found in a 2011 study. Click here

For a Chart of Magaguadavic Returns of Wild and Cultured Atlantic Salmon Click here

Efforts for restoration of salmon runs on the Magaguadavic continued. In addition, ASF provided expertise on movement of salmon and other species both upstream and downstream at the St. George Power Dam.

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