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Annual Reports
ASF 2011 Annual Report
ASF's 2011 Annual Report draws attention to the value of the wild Atlantic salmon economically, as well as to ASF's pioneering work in land-based closed-containment aquaculture. The Annual Report is about 4.2MB.


ASF Annual Report 2010
ASF has the ability to focus long term commitments to important projects having major impact on Atlantic salmon restoration, including marine tracking, dam removals and reductions in at-sea harvests in Greenland waters. With several of these programs now achieving success, ASF undertook in 2010 a review of its strategic goals to guide future actions.


2009 ASF Annual Report
ASF achieves success through creating active partnerships with other organizations and individuals. The 2009 annual report highlights successes achieved by working together.


ASF Annual Report - 2008
The 2008 Annual Report describes the many initiatives the Atlantic Salmon Federation is undertaking to safeguard the future of salmon runs.


ASF Annual Report - 2007
The ASF 2007 Annual Report has a special double-page of a timeline of milestones through the past 60 years


ASF Annual Report - 2006
The 2006 Annual Report has a special feature on the pioneer ocean tracking work being conducted by the Atlantic Salmon Federation.


2005 Annual Report of ASF

2004 Annual Report of ASF

2003 Annual Report of ASF
Released April 2004


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Agreement on Greenland’s Commercial Salmon Fishery Reached Good News For North America
June 12th, 2012
West Greenland catch will be restricted to 20 tonne local consumption limit.

Join the St. Croix River Alewife Migration
June 8th, 2012
On Saturday, June 9, groups and individuals concerned about the future survival of native alewives (gaspereau) on the St. Croix River will symbolically escort this historically and ecologically important fish up the river. 

Newfoundland Fish Farm fish Hopes to Sell Infected Salmon
July 10th, 2012
A salmon farm with iSA in southern Newfoundland wants to sell its condemned salmon for human use.

PEI Fish Kill Larger than Thought
July 10th, 2012
A PEI Fish Kill in Trout River a repeat of last year

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